DMV Test "HOW TO PASS ON YOUR FIRST TRY" by Patrick Shepherd

DMV  Test


Author: Patrick Shepherd

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Patrick Shepherd with DMV Test "HOW TO PASS ON YOUR FIRST TRY"

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The DMV Permit Test “How to Pass on Your First Try!” Over 200 practice test questions! A must-have for anyone who would like to pass on their first try. We show you what to study and how to beat the test. The thought of getting your driver's license can be a little bit intimidating, but with a few simple guidelines and test taking strategies, you'll be well on the road to success.

Did you know that 70 percent of first-time test takers fail the DMV permit test?

Our practice tests have over 200 test questions and are an excellent way to prepare you for the actual written test. Since the book has visual diagrams that go along with the questions, it is geared towards students who are visual learners. The book is split into two sections: The Traffic Signs Test (visual signs included) and The Road Way Test. Each test contains questions that are very similar to the actual test questions. By preparing, using these supplemental practice questions, as opposed to reading and rereading the DMV driver handbook which is very time consuming and can be a waste of time, you will learn basic driving skills, road sign and traffic signal meanings, when to pull over for emergency vehicles, speed limits in various zones, how to handle accidents, and much more. You will also learn how to answer the trick questions which appear time and time again on the test! Also included in the book are valuable test taking strategies, safe driving tips, and safe driver checklists.

Passing the first time will save you money, time, and the stress of having to study again. It will also give you confidence and prepare you for the road driving test. With a little preparation and concentration, you can master the rules of the road and navigate your next driver’s license test with confidence.